Has anyone mounted the hub on the wall?

Has anyone mounted the hub on the wall? If so, what mount did you use? Is the antenna placement acceptable?


Yes, seems to work fine. I screwed the hubs back plate directly to the wall.


Yes, me too.

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Mine works fine.

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I use 3m command strips. The “Velcro” ones. I’ve been through so many “smart home controllers” that I don’t like to use screws anymore. (3 generations of Vera’s, insteon/x10, 2 generations of Staples connect, and now this)

Smarthings v2 hub has been my longest one I’m service and not coincidentally the most capable and (and lately) reliable. But if something better comes along I’ll rip it off the wall and slap up its replacement. As someone pointed out recently in another thread, the hub is just a tiny fraction of the cost of everything involved.


Thanks, all!