ADT Security hub, wall mounted. Getting level question, and hiding the wire

So I wall mounted my security hub. I hated the concept of the desktop mount. Only problem I have it that I had to use a drywall anchor on one of the hole sides, and it, well… somehow between measuring 3x, and marking, and starting the anchor dead level, it installed just a hair low.

Now the hub, which sits next to the thermostat on the wall, sits at a slight, and definately off kilter angle.

I am debating how to fix this as it is just slight. I am wondering if it’s a good idea to maybe shim up the associated keyhole slot with something like masking tape. Seriously 1.5mm of material would get me smooth at level. I am just not sure if this is a good idea or not…

I should note, my wife is less than thrilled about the wire going down the wall in the hallway where it is, BUT… I grabbed the smallest size wire reaceway that Lowes had, and made sure it was paintable, and ran the wire tucked into the raceway from the side of the wal outlet, up the wall, and into the hub. Less than 4" of wire to be seen, and this weekend the raceway will be painted.

It’s not as ideal as running the wire in the wall, and sadly, due to the size of the transformer and the retaining clip, the needed in wall outlet boxes like they use behind wall mount TVs would just be too big for the hub install. Too bad too. That would have been a perfect solution for this!