Has anyone had LFM-20 relay failures?

I have been running my LFM-20 connected to my garage door for over 1 year and it’s been flawless. I just set it up on my V2 hub and now the device status light is out and pushing the button on the front of it does not trigger the garage door to open/close. Since the status light is out, would you say the device has failed? Is there something else I should try to spark life back into this device?

UPDATE: Well, the status light is back on and it’s working again. Has anyone else experienced this?

After migrating mine behaved oddly until I remembered I had to change it to a momentary button in the ide.

Thanks Greg. I did that and it worked fine for a few days. I think this may be more of a hardware issue. I just don’t want to drop another $50 on a device if it’s something I can fix.

yeah sorry, mine has been fine otherwise. It’s also one of my favorite devices for ST.

I’m not sure what might be going wrong with yours, but just wanted to chime in that I have 3 of these on my hub v2 and they all work fine, same as with v1, so it shouldn’t be a problem with the hubs in general. I agree, that it sounds like a hardware problem. Have you tried shutting off the breaker and turning it back on and/or double checked the connections?

Yeah. I’ve done all of that.

I can’t remember, is the status light always on, or only when an on/off signal is sent?

Manual says it is configurable. Sounds like the default is turns on when load is attached. Says it will flicker when transmitting. I have mine concealed in a box, so I can’t compare easily.

Yes, mine (which I think has the default settings) lights up when the load is attached and flashes when it is communicating. So for opening the garage door, it lights up and flickers for a moment, then turns off.

It’s scary that it just started working again. I have a feeling a new purchase is in the future for me. I was thinking about doing a more integrated solution to a garage door controller. What controller does smartThings support? I looked at their officially supported doc and didn’t see one listed.

I have 2 of these devices one for my garage and one for my gate. I have the V2 hub and they have been working great. Maybe try to exclude them then reinstall…

Thanks @way2fast4u. I’m pretty sure it’s a lose wire or faulty hardware.