Has anyone else lost communications with their direct attached Hue Bulbs?

(John Rucker) #1

Sometime over the last two days all of my Hue Bulbs (9 bulbs) stopped responding. These are directly attached bulbs has anyone else seen this? Was there a Hub upgrade over Christmas??

(Matt) #2

There are 2 threads in the last month or so that discuss this.
I know you’ve posted about this before in the following thread. It’s now all of your bulbs?

They were selling this RaspBee device for $35.00 to $35.00 shipping, they sent stock to Amazon got rid of the $35.00 shipping price but increased the selling price to $61.36 I only mention this because I’d offered to buy the device and let people ship me their bulbs to reset them. The price hike was kinda a crappy thing for @manu’s company to do. I’m hoping it will come back down.

(John Rucker) #3

Yes every single one. Before it was just the 4 that were on the shelf but now literally overnight all the remaining 10 Hue bulbs stopped responding. I did power-cycle the hub just before this happened and yesterday while troubleshooting I noticed there was a firmware update to my Hub on December 1st. I wonder if resting the hub enabled the new firmware that is causing the problem. I will reach out to tech support next just wanted to do some simple troubleshooting first.

(John Rucker) #4

Tech support chat is not on-line right now. Does anyone know the Hub firmware version required to allow Hue Bulbs to be directly attached?


Hi Matt,

there are two types of RaspBee as you can see on the product page.
The cheaper one you mentioned is the RaspBee basic for $38.75 + $35 shipping cost, it supports up to 5 ZigBee devices.

The RaspBee premium is $61.36 and has no shipping costs, it supports up to 200 devices and will be shipped directly from the US.