Has anyone done SmartThings in a motorhome? (2019)

So long term the wife and I are wanting a motorhome. I am curious if anyone has done a smart home conversion for an RV? I know I see plenty with security cams fully around, but never heard of automated lighting in particular. Not really interested in automating HVAC at least not heat as we are planning on using catalytic heaters, unless we can automate starting / stopping a catalytic heater and opening / closing vent fans to regulate temp and air flow…

Many people, and there are a number of threads in the forum discussing those projects. People also automate their boats, which have similar issues and requirements.

The biggest issue is whether you have continuous Internet or not. If not, you have to select your devices much more carefully.

Because of the issues with the cloud, I would generally recommend a primarily local hub for a mobile home. Some people just use a harmony home hub if they only have some simple lighting requirements. Hubitat would obviously be a good choice for someone familiar with SmartThings. Vera is also popular, particularly if you are going to primarily use zwave devices.

Most RV/mobile home forums will have detailed discussions on automation, including lighting. :sunglasses:

To find some of the discussions in this forum, Use the quick browse lists in the community – created, look down the page for the “project reports“ section and use the list on mobile homes.


You can also just use the search bar in the upper right of the community and search on “camper“ to find additional individual posts.

BTW, when it comes to smartthings, the answer to any question which starts with “Has anyone ever automated…” will almost certainly be “Yes.” :wink:

So start by checking the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki to see if there’s a list that applies to the topic you are looking for. That will typically be the fastest way to find relevant threads.


Once you’ve researched some of those, If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, you can then start your own thread detailing the specifics that you are still trying to solve.

It will also help if you reference some of the existing threads and indicate why the solutions don’t quite apply to your situation.

Everyone has their own preferences and priorities regarding budget, physical form, electrical systems, protocol preferences, etc. But it will just save everybody a lot of time if you get caught up first on what people have already done. :sunglasses:

FWIW, you always point to the wiki. Nothing personal, but I find navigating the wiki to be somewhat painful, and if I am unsure of what strings to search for, impossible… Hence why so many questions…

For example, Do I search for RV, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Camper or???

The rig we are actually looking into isn’t a motorhome, but a small / mid size travel trailer, what they call a couples trailer. About 26 I would like to automate lighting and water most notably. Should a leak detector for example detect a leak by the water tank, turn off the pump and send an alert to me…

I have the feeling like this should be managed by a cloud independent platform though. Probably going to have to look into Hubitat for this project…’

I don’t just point to the wiki, and you won’t have to do a search. That’s the whole point. :sunglasses:

As in this case, I typically point to a single page in the wiki, the quick browse lists. All you have to do is skim down that list to see what topic might be relevant.


It won’t necessarily find everything, but it will find a lot of stuff, and it should take you less than a minute to skim that page. Hence the “quick browse” name.

By now hopefully you know no disrespect meant whatsover. I just get frustrated at the pointers to the wiki. I’d like to be able to go directly to the wiki to resolve my issues if possible… Like I said, navigating it isn’t the easiest…

If I was familiar with the content, I could certainly help with organizing so that things were easier to find, and much easier to browse…

The wiki itself is a different issue, no question that it could use a lot more contributors. :sunglasses:

And the search for this forum definitely sucks, but there’s nothing we can do about that one. :disappointed_relieved:

But as far as using the quick browse lists, which is what I’m typically pointing forum readers to, it’s literally no search, no typing.

  1. follow the link from the forum thread to the quick browse page.

  2. skim the page to see if there is a list which covers your topic

  3. click on that link (The little number at the end of the name of the list) and you’re done.

That brings you back to this forum but it has pulled up the relevant threads for you into a list. :sunglasses:

Most people seem to find that a very useful feature, but if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you.

Back to the original thread topic, I would again encourage you to go to some of the motorhome forums on the Internet as almost all of them will have pretty large sections on home automation.

As you narrow your search for the specific model of motorhome, you will also find out more in their forums about the kinds of wiring and security systems that are already installed. And what owners of those models Have found integrates well.

That should give you the most helpful information for this stage of your project. :sunglasses:

Besides the local vs. cloud issue you will probably have to choose devices that can switch a 12V load as the lighting will almost certainly be 12V. The RV will have 2 systems, 12V & 120V.

We have a “couples camper” and I’ve considered this project myself but the bride is less than enthused. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I believe @SteveWhite has recently added some Hubitat home automation to his RV. You may want want to reach out to him to see how that project is coming along.