Samsung SmartThings Hub Home & Other


(John Sauve) #1

Hi Looking at starting smart home, using the Samsung Home Kit as a start, but looking at what would be the best thermostat integration with this kit. Looking at each room radiator having individual control for heating, and water heating if possible to work with this thermostat and kit…please recommend.


(Jimmy) #2

Are you in the US or UK?

(Mark) #3

Do you use a thermostat now?

(John Sauve) #4

UK also looking for the best CCT camera option to work with the Samsung SmartThings as well. So any suggestions with that as well will be great

(John Sauve) #5

Old un-reliable one. So looking at replacing this as well

(Mark) #6

And you can control each room radiator independently now?

If you’re in the U.K. you can look at the danfoss LC-13 for individual radiator control.

(Robin) #7

I really like my Nest thermostat, it’s not officially supported but the NST Manager custom smartapp makes it seem like it is!

(Jason Moody) #8

I have the Honeywell Evohome and cant rate it highly enough. Since fitting it and programming it we basically dont even realise it is there, it just works. Also have a number of core pistons that lower the heating if the outside temperature is rising, or turns it to eco mode when everyone leaves home.

(John Sauve) #9

So thats the themostat idea in place. but the outdoor camera. Looking at able to get notification, as well as live stream anytime. Would be useful if it records for the day and if no alerts it records over that feed. Need it to be compatible with the Samsung SmartThings hubv2 app etc… Night vision is a must as well. Will also set with motion detector outside unless there is an option with the camera . Recommendations