Has Anyone Been Successful Using a Nortek HUSBZB-1 with Simplicity Studio for Z-wave Updates?

I recently moved back to ST with an Aeotec V3 hub (over the ST V2 I used years ago). I just learned that after all this time ST still does not have a way to update the firmware of Z-Wave devices. I didn’t have a need on Hubitat as the devices all operated properly (I left for other reasons). However, with ST, several Z-wave devices need FW updates to work properly (e.g. not going offline or unreliable).

So, I am trying to use a Nortek HUSBZB-1 along with Simplicity Studio (as others here have suggested) for a way to update the FW on some of the z-wave devices that aren’t operating with ST properly as they had with Hubitat. I installed the SL device drivers for the Nortek in Win11 and that was successful as shown properly in the Device Manager. Simplicity Studio finds the device, but does not appear to have what it needs to support the Nortek.

Has anyone had any luck with this?

Update: I was able to do it. Very convoluted and I think it would have been different with a different z-wave stick like the Zooz etc


how did you manage? facing the same struggle now

@bridan – There’s a number of things you have to do, including installing the SL drivers on Windows (unfortunately they don’t tell you it will not work on Mac even though Simplicity Studio supports Mac). If you’ve done that already, then from within Simplicity Studio you have to choose Install ,just below the pull-down menu choices and when the Installation Manager windows opens, choose Install By Technology Type. Then put a checkmark in the 32-bit and Wireless MCUs box and click the Next button (in the lower right corner). After it finishes installing (takes a while), it will restart. Then after the restart, you click the same Install button again, but this time you should have a 3rd option called Manage Installed Packages. Click that and then click the Tools word in the bar that appears. From there you can add the Z-Wave PC Controller. Once that’s done and restarts again, you can go to the Tools menu and scroll till you see Z-Wave PC Controller and click that and click the Ok button. After that opens, there’s a gear icon in the upper-right - click that and choose one of the 2 Silicon Labs options (one will be for Zigbee and the other Z-wave). If you’re not sure which, and you chose the Zigbee, you’ll get an error from the Z-Wave PC Controller. Then just go back and chose the other. After that, you’ll see a Network Management (large) button, click that (don’t be fooled into thinking the OTW Firmware buttons are what you want. I did and why I got nowhere). In the window that opens you can click the +Add button to add your device to update. If it’s not excluded from your ST network, you’ll need to do that first. After you see it’s added you can click on the email icon (near the gear icon) and see what node was added. Then on the upper left window with the [S2] PC Controller listed, choose the node you found that was added. Then click the Up around with the line under it in the left blue bar. From there, click the Get button. If all goes well, it should turn the Firmware Update folder blue (becoming active), and then you can pick your firmware update file. Then once you’ve selected that, then click the Update button. With any luck, it’ll start updating the device. You can watch it go bit by bit. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I’m still stuck at installing the Nortek drivers, which driver package did you use?

CP210x Universal Windows Driver

Like I mentioned, it’s convoluted with this Nortek. I just bought a Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range S2 USB Stick ZST39 which just arrived an hour ago (via Amazon) and I’m hoping it’s a better experience as noted by others. If I only needed to update my Zooz devices, I’d have been fine with the Nortek, but I could not get it to work updating GE or Leviton. At one point I think in 2021, there was an ST beta to do this, via the ST hub, but I have no clue what happened to that, other than it must have been aborted or we’d just do that

This video will help you install the drivers if you’re not sure how:

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I was unable to get Simplicity Studio (Z-Wave PC Controller) to work with updating the firmware for a GE Outdoor ZW4201 outlet. It would not allow me to do a Get in order for the Firmware Update button to become active (where you can specify the FW update file).

I thought, it must be that this Nortek HUSBZB-1 is the issue, so I got a Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Long Range S2 USB Stick ZST39 LR and that was auto-detected by Win11 drivers and seen by PC Controller right away. It was also much faster at unpairing and re-pairing a device. Still, no luck. It won’t make active the folder to let me specify the firmware update file.

Anyone have any experience updating one of these?

It’s so strange that these worked fine on Hubitat. Clearly ST with their Edge drivers may just not be there yet. Anyway, I am not complaining as much as I am trying for solutions. TY

Also it doesn’t appear that Leviton has any FW files for their DZR15 outlets. These are the 2 I mentioned that were going offline, like the GE outdoor outlets. Though I did email them to ask, but I know their older, so I may be sol.

Well, even with the new ZST39 Zooz stick, I can’t get the GET button to activate the FW File folder so I can specify the file to update the device. With the ZST39 stick, it gives me one node to chose, which is what I’ve seen around the net. The only devices I’ve been able to update (and this was before I got the Zooz stick), has been Zooz switches. I can do those all day long. Not sure what gives, but neither the GE Outdoor outlet or the Leviton outlets will activate the file button needed to update the firmware.

Neither the GE ZW4201 Outdoor outlet, nor the Leviton DZR15 outlet are OTA compatible as they are too old. I wondered, but I could find nothing that stated it till I found a feed in the Hubitat forum saying they’re both Z-Wave 300. It wasn’t till Z-wave 500 where OTA became an option if it was employed with a device. Onto replacements! :roll_eyes:
(oh and then I come to find the C7 Hubitat hub has a built in app you can add to update firmware without all the hassle. Just pair the device, and if it finds the FW update file, voila! If not, you can upload a FW update file yourself and it will use that).