Has 3rd party integration stopped?

Have a Kickstarter that just posted they are delaying because: “Then Smartthings announced that they where no longer supporting integration with 3rd party devices. We had to remove all of the Smartthings code from Android and iOS. As such, we had to re-verify the firmware and server software.”

Which Kickstarter project?

Many projects (including the recently 700% funded https://Konnected.io) have had extremely successful Kickstarter projects that are fully or highly dependent on SmartThings.

These products just have users install the relevant SmartApps and or Device Type Handlers to their own environments using the SmartThings IDE website. https://account.SmartThings.com

Others put in the effort required to establish partnership relations with SmartThings. There always is a way.

There are plenty of 3rd party integrations out there. SmartThings has “temporarily” stopped approving apps but they are not shutting down anything existing at this point.

I would also be leery about the remark about removing Smarthings code from iOS and Android apps. What code? Do you have a link?


Link to Kickstarter campain

This is supposed to be a cloud-based device. There would be no SmartThings code on the mobile app whatsoever. They would have to write a could to cloud integration. A simple service manager SmartApp is all that is needed. Have to call BS on this one.


I figured all of this but wanted to the info to let other backer know how they were lying about another delay.

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Same BS excuse that Blink used.

Yeah…they seem to have run out of believable excuses for their delays and are now resorting to pure bovine fecal matter. From their update history:

May 11, 2017: “Osiris is On Track to Ship in August”

Jul 26, 2017: “Ship date is Sept 30th for all units”

October 2, 2017 : “Final, set-in-stone ship date is late November.” (It’s set-in-stone, man!)

Nov 30 2017: “We almost shipped in late November with SmartThings removed.” and “We ship in January with SmartThings included. This date is final.” (Apparently the previous stone was made of talcum powder, but they’re serious this time!)

Jan 17 2018: “We will start shipping sometime in February.”

Cross your fingers!

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I wouldn’t jump to saying that they are “lying”; rather they are desperately and probably genuinely trying to find and give as many convincing excuses as possible for being incompetent and naive.

Their goal for funding was only $6500? That wouldn’t even cover their business formation expenses, let alone patent filing and a couple iterations of injection molding design and zero compensation for app development, … And nothing allocated to marketing.

With many YEARS of Kickstarter records now available for research, there is no longer any excuse for underestimating the cost, timeline, and challenges to arrive at a realistic funding goal and delivery dates. None!

Sorry you got duped, but anyone who believes that this is excusable (including Kickstarter themselves as a profiteering enabler) is misleading themselves and fellow Backers.

It is obvious now that we underestimated the amount of time that it would take to complete Osiris.

(Gawd I can’t stop laughing at that statement!)


But wait, it gets better. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find this:

Risks and challenges

The risks are minimal. AZ APPS has been making smart devices for 14 years. We sell over a dozen industrial products to major companies. Visit our website to learn more about our products (www.myazapps.com/about-us)

  1. Osiris is built, tested, and production-ready.

  2. App is fully functional and tested.

(bold+italicized emphasis mine)

It’s not like this is a couple of kids right out of college who hammered something out in mom’s garage and then got in over their heads trying to be entrepreneurs because they didn’t have any real-world experience.


I asked for the API, Bet the community could have an app and DH in no time. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a cloud-based device, their cloud. Where is the revenue going to come from to keep that going? They’ve been so honest so day, do you REALLY trust them to maintain the backend for any length of time?

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Apparently this is finally happening. Wanted to get this a long time ago and didn’t think it would happen:


Their latest excuse was that they “had to” rewrite the iOS app in Swift because Apple “stopped supporting” Objectve-C…which is a flat-out lie. When called out on that, Nick Olivier sent me a private FB message containing petty personal insults and an admission that “maybe they didn’t have to” rewrite the app, but chose to…in spite of already not having enough staff to handle everything else…because “Apple was releasing videos strongly encouraging developers to switch to Swift”. So instead of releasing the product they made the ridiculous decision to add another delay by trashing an already working app written in a still-supported language and starting over from scratch in another language…or at least that’s his claim. Then they tried to blame that on Apply by falsely claiming that they had no choice because Apple stopped supporting Objective-C.

I wouldn’t back one of their projects nor buy a product from them under any circumstances.

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And he’s still sending me childish FB messages (after removing the post that pointed out their BS, and blocking me of course) bragging about his/their other accomplishments…apparently thinking that those things somehow absolve them of stringing their investors along for well over a year and repeatedly lying about the reasons for it.

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