Selling my SmartThings Kits

They’re pretty much useless to me. I have both Kickstarter kits (end user and maker).

Primary reasons:

  • The level of developer documentation was/is just abysmal, and I was hoping to be able to hack some interesting stuff with the Arduino shield, but lack of docs made that impossible
  • Not a fan of “dumb hub” architectures. I don’t want my device(s) to have to talk to each other via the cloud
  • The approach to external APIs is not ideal as well. I just want to be able to talk to my stuff. I don’t want to have to use IFTTT or write code

Shame. There was such potential here.

Anyway, make me an offer and I’ll get the stuff out quickly. If you just want pieces/parts, I’ll consider that as well, but would prefer to send it all as a kit.

What all do you have with the kits. I am interested.


Two hubs, two SmartThings shields for Arduino, motion sensor, two moisture sensors, two limit switches, one presence sensor.

All pretty much unused. Motion sensor might need a battery soon.

Thanks. I sent you a PM.


Let me know…I’m interested in the moisture sensors, motion sensor, and possibly the limit switches. I might have someone interested in a hub too.

I’m interested as well.

Hi Rick,

Sorry to hear of your disappointment. To address your issues specifically:

  • We are investing in a specific project to improve our developer documentation over the next couple of months. So I think you’ll see a big improvement there.

  • With regard to the “dumb hub” architectures, we certainly don’t plan for the hub to stay dumb. But we have to prioritize our efforts too. The objective at SmartThings is to support an architecture that allows developers to write apps for the Physical World without having to know or care about the deployment architecture. That means that at Installation Time for the application, the platform will figure out where application logic should live and deploy it in an optimal configuration. The general philosophy is that application logic should run as CLOSE to the end-devices as possible, based on the specific devices in use by the app. That means that if the app is using “Cloud Connected” devices that logic should stay in the cloud, but if both devices are connected to the same hub - the logic could be deployed locally.

To be clear, what we don’t believe in is “stand-alone” or isolated architectures that don’t require cloud connectivity at all. We believe in a cloud managed environment where the definition of cloud is expanded over time to allow for “on premise” infrastructure and where developers can be blissfully unaware of the technical complexities associated with analyzing applications and deploying them optimally. We believe in an approach that allows web developers with no embedded device experience write apps for the physical world. We also believe in a platform that can support devices using ANY protocol - including ones like WiFi (to the device manufacturer cloud) or Cellular M2M where there simply IS no hub, dumb or otherwise.

We certainly wish that we could move faster and realize the complete vision sooner, but as you know there are a lot of moving parts to any Internet of Things platform for developers. In 18 months we’ve built our hub, three end-devices, our Arduino Shield, our Cloud and Developer Tools, the IOS and Android apps. We’re pretty proud of that given our size. We also think our platform and its capabilities are pretty unique in the market.

It’s true that our hub and cloud don’t meet every developer or maker’s needs yet, but we are building for the long-haul, and hope that our community of developers and makers will stick with us through this journey and help us make our platform better by contributing themselves.


Jeff Hagins
Founder & CTO

Hi, I have a smart power outlet (US) for sale. It came with the ST starter kit and I have no use for it as it’s rated only 110V whereas in Singapore (that’s where I am from) we are at 240V. This power outlet will fry if I try to plug it in.

Going for USD$40 without shipping. ( buyer pays for shipping )

Any takers ?