Harmony Hub device integration

I got a harmony hub , I wonder if it is possible to have “devices” integrated with the hub, as currently only “activities” is integrated


You mean controlling Harmony devices from SmartThings? Not possible - at least not with the stock Smart App. The Harmony API seems to support addressing individual devices but SmartThing’s app apparently doesn’t implement it. You might be able to do it yourself by combining these two (e.g.):

Gave this a go a while back. Worked.

The sad thing is, I really only needed to control volume. That was fixed with Echo Skill. Even when I got the Echo Skill, I found it so much easier to pick up the remote and change the volume!

The Activity Based Harmony interaction is really the selling point of the Harmony Remotes anyway. Its the ability to click a button and have everything automated from that one click, including setting ST modes, turning off lights or whatever.

Was a rabbit hole for me.



this would be awesome, but I have a fairly new user here. is there a step by step guide on how to get this up and running?

Unfortunately no - I don’t need this, so the above i just a theoretical possibility (which will work if you put enough effort into it)

You will need a computer (a Raspberry Pi would be enough) that runs node.js to host the harmony-api service. The manual on Github explains how to run it. You will then need to run the URI Switch Smart App mentioned above to make calls to the API. Not going to be totally trivial, sorry!