Harmony Hub Bluetooth Capabilities?

I haven’t found much information on how the harmony hub handles Bluetooth connections. Has anyone used the BT functionality of the harmony hub to control Bluetooth RGB bulbs/door locks/switches? It would be great if the harmony hub could be used as a bridge between ST hub and BT devices :wink:

I have read that some have paired their harmony hub to a raspberry pi and used FLIRC software for key mapping.

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I too am interested in controlling some BT devices with smartthings. Does anyone have any idea when the Bluetooth radio might be activated in the v2 hub? Or, as above, ideas on how to use the harmony hub as a bridge to control BT devices?

I’ve given up on ST enabling the BT radio in the hub, recently they removed the BT radio status from the IDE so that crushed what little hope I had left…

I’m still waiting on my harmony hub, I’ll update this thread if I have any luck using it as a BT bridge. I suspect that the BT capabilities will be limited to predefined remote control interfaces

Afiaik, in Harmony only handful of devices (PS3/4, Fire TV) can have remote functions via Bluetooth. With other devices the BT integration is limited to the keyboard popup on the harmony mobile app (i.e. for text entry only).

Harmony is closed system (no DTH by community), so if your device is not listed here you will not be able to control it using harmony. In addition the integration of Harmony to ST is limited to turning activity on or off.

If are serious into BT bridge, you could use an old andorid phone with Tasker. Personally I always prefer zwave\zigbee devices over Bluetooth because there is no advantage to Bluetooth when you already own ST hub.

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I have tried the Broadlink RM Pro to Flirc to Fire TV box. I downloaded several Fire TV remote control templates in the RM2 e-control app. One of them has some buttons that work. So, the Flirc will receive infrared commands and input into the Fire TV box through the usb port. It will not work with Firestick as there is no usb. But it does work. I will contact Broadlink and see if they have a complete template. Or I need to find a way to capture Bluetooth commands and create IR commands with it. If anyone has tried this, please let me know.

I would love to find a way to say, “Alexa, commercial”, and have the hub send 6 Skip-Forward commands to my DirecTV. That generally skips over most commercial breaks.