Harmony Home Control

Here you go:

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Thanks JD, I am able to create virtual switches using your FAQ example. What I can’t do now is follow these instructions:

Once the hub shows up as a thing you can then install a trigger smartapp for each activity. Basically for each harmony activity, they have you create an instance of the app that ties the activity to a virtual switch. So you still have to go into the IDE and create your virtual buttons. Or you can also select from and number of other triggers (motion sensors, mode changes, schedule, etc) Once they are all up, you see this in your app screen:


They’re talking about a particular smart app called “harmony triggers” I haven’t used it so I can’t say whether it works, but I can tell you where to find it.

One) open the mobile app and go to the marketplace view. Choose smart apps.

Two) scroll down until you see “More” section and choose that.

Three) scroll down until you see “harmony triggers” choose that and follow the wizard.

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Mine works now also. I had the same problem of an old hub in my harmony account.

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I’m glad it helped. It took what seemed like forever for me to figure it out.

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So, what your use cases?

My wife is going to kill me if I keep buying all of this stuff. Darn you, SmartThings and Logitech!

Going to add sensor to doorbell, and have doorbell trigger pause on the Tivo and/or Blu-ray. Hopefully I can send command for both in one activity for simplicity sake.

Might even see about triggering for the phone ringing, but just about the only incoming landline calls are for telemarketing :confused:

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I had an old hub as well. Removed it from my harmony and it found my hubs. I want to integrate the harmony with amazon echo… how do i do this? do i still have to create virtual switches?

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Yet to give it a try, buddy! At least I have my hub recognized. :slight_smile: will post an update if I am able to get it rolling.

Hey @smart, what do you mean the MyHarmonySite? All I see is a link to download their software and login, which I did, and I see my active 3 hubs. Are you saying, you deleted all of your hubs in the My Harmony Software and set it all up from scratch? if so, that is painful for me as I have 3 hubs with a bunch of customizations.

Careful buddy! You certainly have to download the myharmony app on your laptop. And be careful which hub you delete. I had an old non ultimate home hub in there. I deleted that one and reset. It was the previous model. @Mbhforum The biggest clue was it said only 8 devices are supported where as I am sure that ultimate home is 15. I just took a chance and deleted it.

Ok, then my problem is different. I have 3 hubs all which are active and not any old hubs. I will await @thegibertchans advice on how to proceed.

That’s a wise idea. But I think in any case you have to download the MyHarmony app.

Are all three hubs online when you’re trying to add them to ST? It looks like ST is looking for the hubs in order and if one fails to respond then the app fails to add them.

Ironically, this was the issue. I say that because I had a hub offline due to construction and I plugged it in last night and still didn’t work but now it does. So basically, you need to have all your hubs online for a little while for this to work which is why some had to delete old hubs.

I now disabled all of my Alexa IFTTT rules and will use the native integration.

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If you have multiple hubs, they all must be on the latest supported firmware in order to successfully onboard any of the hubs. So as many others have suggested, if have an old hub that is no longer operational, remove it from your account.

Integration working both ways for me.


Harmony side - My ultimate remote doesn’t make much sense intuitively speaking. If I select lights it either turns them all on or off. It does not open a sub menu of which light I wish to select like it does w/locks or outlets.

Has anyone seen a video on how the remote touchscreen should function?

ST side - Seems pretty self explanatory; however, I cannot see my TV state on my dashboard which would be very helpful.

I thought they have a group option atleast for Philips hues which worked.

Within Harmony I assume @smart?

The app shows them seperated when selected…the remote doesn’t…kinda strange but I’ll play w/it in the next few days to see if I can figure out.

Honestly, buddy! I use the remote for A/V functions only. Now that ST is able to find the hub, will use it with Alexa. I find the iOS harmony app “interface” to be better than the remote and use it if at all. Did you check how it shows up there?