Harmony/Firestick- send commands to go to certain apps (SlingTV or Kodi)

right now i use logitech and ST to turn on my televison/receiver/firestick. If I have my Ipad by me I will use the basic “smarttiles” that I downloaded or I might use my Alexa but a lot of the times i will just use the ST app.

I use my Firestick for Kodi and SlingTv.

My question is: After ST/Logitech turns on televison/receiver/firestick. Is there a way to send a command that will go to the app “SlingTV” or “kodi”

Right now I can turn on everything but I still have to click on the app SlingTV or Kodi.

I looked into this earlier this year when i got my harmony and there was no way to launch a specific app. You have to manually program in the arrow pushes to navigate to the app.

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How do you manually program in the arrow pushes?