General questions about controlling a non smart TV

Hello everyone. My most humble apologies but I apparently am very handicapped when it comes to research. I am looking for a something to be able to control my television(non smart tv) and my cable box and my amazon fire stick and my blue tooth sound bar. I was hoping to have in depth control just like a regular remote but apparently the Fire stick has blue tooth and no IR and no other remote will work with it. I think Harmony hub appears to work but before I purchase it I was hoping someone could answer my questions about it. Can I control all these things with a Harmony remote? Also I have read what I think is that either Alexa and/or Google assistant allows even more control of my setup but I cannot figure out how much control that means.

Thank you for everyone’s help ahead of time

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform, so all of the questions and answers are in that context.

It is a very active forum, so it tends to come up near the top of Google general searches, but it’s not a general home automation forum.

So ask your question in the Logitech Harmony forums. People there should be able to help you.

In your case, you will probably get the best control by combining Logitech Harmony, your fire TV stick, and an Echo Dot. That will give you control of both your cable box and the fire TV, as well as voice control. But again, ask in the logitech forums for specifics. :sunglasses:

Oh dang it. Thank you very much. Will do.

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