Hardwiring tablets

I finally got around to wiring my 3rd tablet to the old touch panel location. The tablet is doing a constant charging/not charging noise when all three are plugged in. Im using the red and black wires from the old alarm system to pigtail usb chargers. Im assuming that there isnt enough power to provide for the alarm system (konmected) and the three tablets. I planed to add a second plug in power supply for just the tablets but I’m not sure what to purchase. Something that would plug in to the nearby outlet with pos and neg pigtails that supply the correct power to the tablets. Any recommendations?

What Tablets? You could very easily purchase a 5V-Needed Amperage AC/DC Wall Converter and splice in the USB Cable.

I’ve done this:


Fire 7 tablets. Is one plug enough to power all three? Its long runs of 22? Guage wire

Sorry, I missed this question. A typical wall wart charger plug for the Amazon Fire Tablets is rated at 5V (5 Volts) at 1A (1AMP)…Average power consumption for a Fire Tablet using, say using a browser at medium-high brightness, is around 4.25W (4.25 Watts).

A device that consumes 5W at 5V draws 1A of current.

For my Tablets that are always on, I need a 5V-1A power source to maintain positive charging because these are, on average, using about 4.25W.

For my Tablets that are mostly idle, they use about 2.5W needing about .5A to maintain positive charging.

So, it depends on how much power your tablets will be using. For simplicity, you could just build your own USB cables, with the cool end that I listed above, and use a multi-charging station such as this:


This way, each unit will have the proper amperage no matter the load.

If not, then a 5V-3A AC-DC Regulated Transformer such as this “should” work for all three in parallel:


Good Luck!

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