Hardware inputs to trigger routines

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Is it possible, or do we have something on the roadmap to be able to have more than just the phone app / sensors control actions and routines? I would like to be able to have a few hardware switches in my home that controls / triggers a routine. (Even a remote button would also be awesome).

Something like this:


and for remote, something like this:

I could then create routines and with the button on a wall or something control them… I have about 100 uses for this in my home. Anyone else that want this functionality or who has been able to get this going somehow?

Anything which can act as what SmartThings called a “button controller” can do this. :sunglasses:

The most popular is probably the Aeon minimote which is a very small handheld button remote,

But there are more than a dozen others, and several different form factors including some wallmount designs. See the FAQ ( this is a clickable link)

The Leviton VRCS4 you linked to is already on that list, btw.

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ok perfect! Just wasn’t sure what you could do. Thanks very much :smiley:

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