Fans wired with only 2 wires (i.e. on/off for both light and fan)

(Todd Richert) #1

So there is no way i’m rewiring my house, but all of my fans just have 2 wire (plus ground) from the fan to the switch. So the whole unit is either ‘on’ or ‘off’. I can’t turn just the light on, or just the fan on. Now there are various fans with remote controls that allow you to do this, are any of these units compatible with ST?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

Unfortunately, most fans with preconfigured remotes use an RF setup that is not easily controllable from any HA setup. While it is possible a Z-Wave controlled fan exists, I have yet to see one. Your best bet might be to put zwave fan/light controller in your ceiling and forget about using the wall switch.

(Drew) #3

@Todd_Richert This is one of the major problems at the moment. Not only do we not just have one that can adjust the 2 separate components on their adjustable settings. We dont even have something that will turn on/off each component separately never mind adjusting them.

On this thread:

I showed a possible solution but it hadnt yet been tried. It has now been tried as you can read about but hasnt totally worked… possibly soon though as its trial and error it seems.