Halo CO2 Sensor Utilization

I currently have 4 Halo Plus (+) Smoke/CO2 detectors in my home. I’m trying to create an automation so that it will tigger an event when my Halo’s detect CO2 in my home, but SmartThings isn’t see my Halo as a CO2 detector. I know that Halo is now a defunct production, but I have too much money invested in these since they went out of business to replace them with another. Is there anyway to get SmartThings to recognize my Halo’s CO2 sensor so that it can be used to setup automations?

The capability and state are available, so what are you using to create the automation, webcore, SHM, or something else? Classic app or new app?

I’m using the Classic App on iOS. I was trying to setup the Automation via the Classic App in the Smart Home Monitor. I have one setup for Security, one for Smoke and was trying to figure out how to set one up for Co2.

I can’t remember, but I believe if the sensor trips for any reason that SHM will notify you (I believe). One way to check would be to get a can of CO and test, or send ST support an email and ask for clarification.