Halo Beeping - Won't STOP

OK - I know this isn’t really the place, but it’s the only forum I know with people that have used or still own Halo smoke detectors.

I unplugged my basement one yesterday morning because we are finishing the basement and it needed to be removed for the drywall to be installed. When I got home tonight I could hear it beeping (it was not installed). I plugged it back in and it WON’T STOP BEEPING. Obviously, with most smoke detectors one can remove the battery…no with Halo! It seems to be telling me the battery is low, but it still beeps when connected to 120v power. The light is green so I know it is getting juice. It just keeps beeping and beeping and beeping.

I did the self test just to check (freaked out my family when all of my detectors went off) but that didn’t do anything. The result was a pass.

Any ideas? Could I really have broken my one Halo detector for my basement that I want so desperately to keep? Anyone have any ideas?

Tagging @Automated_House @johnconstantelo who may offer some assistance

I would say it’s still a low battery, I haven’t had this with my Halo detectors but my Kiddie smoke detectors do this even when hooks to 120 with a low battery

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Sounds like a low battery alert, which I’ve had before when leaving them unplugged too long. It will eventually go away once a good charge level is met. Unfortunately ST’s device handler doesn’t report battery level so you could at least monitor it.

Yup - after listening to it beep for a couple of hours it finally went away. A small consequence for owning such a great (but now defunk) product!

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