Hallway lights automation

Dear All

Can anyone create a smart app for the following?

When I enter the house with my phone(presence sensor) the hallway lights should turn ON and then switch off after 1 minute.

You do not need to create a smart app to do this.
There are stock apps out there that can do this there are also apps that have been created by members that can do this.

Try starting with Smart Lighting.
You can get this using your mobile app via the marketplace -> SmartApps -> Lights and Switches-> Smart Lighting.

Have a play and see how you get on. If not, come back and you will find people are more thn happy to help.

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With the Smart light app, I can can turn my hallway light on when I enter the house but not turn off after X minutes.

I don’t want to buy another motion sensor for hallway.

In that case can I suggest CoRE?
A very powerful app.
Have you looked at it yet?
I’m attaching a link. Please don’t take offence to the word dummies.

You can do this with the standard smartlighting feature and a virtual switch acting as a virtual timer. You don’t need to buy any additional devices. :sunglasses:

See the how to article in the community – created wiki:


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When I tried to create a virtual switch

I was not not able to select my hub or location. Please help

Add another one to turn off using power allowance option, you can set this to 1 minute.

Just use CoRE.


Basic Piston
Presence Sensor Changes to Present
Contact Sensor is Open
Using Switch
Turn On
Wait 1 Minute
Turn Off

Easy as that. Install CoRE, goto the Wiki for a quick read and then dream up all kinds of crazy HA that you never thought of and I bet you that CoRE can handle it. It IS SmartThings!


Thanks Ron

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I’m not sure what everyone’s else setup is like but I use Smart Lighting app to turn the light on but use Core to turn the lights off.

I tried using just Core for on and off but notice that there was a little longer delay turning on where as with Smart Lighting it actually runs locally so it has the speed benefit there and if the Cloud goes down I’m not completely in the dark.

Using Core allows for more complex interactions and restrictions when turning off.