Ring to turn a light on with timed off

Hi Guys,

I have a Ring doorbell and a hall way light controlled by a Z wave plug. I have set the Hallway lamp to turn on if motion is detected outside my house between the hours of 11pm & 5am.

I have done this for security reasons and of course when I get home after a night out and everyone else is in bed.

How can I put a time duration on how long the light stays on for? I would like motion to be detected, light to be turned on but then the light turns off after 10 mins.


I personally use Webcore. You can also use automation-smart lighting.

Ok, going to look into webcore as I have no experience on it.

Use the “power allowance” trigger in Smart Lighting. It will let you set 10 minutes to turn off that light. I do the same thing with a light when motion is detected on our carport at night.

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Agree with @NomadTech and @oldcomputerwiz. Both options will work. I prefer webcore because I can do so much more. But that is overkill if you are just doing a timed light.

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Power allowance is easy and works well, but if you apply it to that specific light, then it will ALWAYS turn itself off after that amount of time, even if you turn it on in other ways like with a voice assistant.

Instead, many people create a virtual Switch to act as a timer and apply power allowance to that. Then set up a separate automation to have the real hallway light mirror the virtual timer.

That way when the virtual Switch turns on, the hallway light turns on. When the virtual Switch turns off, the hallway light turns off. But you can still turn the hallways light on with any other method and it can stay on for longer than 10 minutes at a time. :sunglasses:

There is a how to article in the community-created wiki for the exact steps to create a virtual timer. It uses the Classic app, but the concept is the same for the new app. :level_slider::bulb:


However, as @Automated_House suggests below, it may be that all you need is the official smartlighting feature using the time after no motion option. That would be the easiest of all. :sunglasses:

Do you want it off after a fixed amount of time or off after X minutes without motion? Smart lights can do the later.

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I hadn’t really thought about this, but I suppose 10 mins after motion outside has ceased.

Thanks for all the help. WebCore is going to be fun…you may see me asking more questions :roll_eyes:

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SmartLighting is your easiest path here. Your automation will look something like this . (“Front Door” is my Ring Doorbell):


This is actually exactly what I needed. THANKS!!!

Will still look into WebCore as it looks very interesting.