Had my first non fire this morning and it was a doozy

So the Hot Water heater did not come on… opps. Husband was not happy. Now, I have been expecting at some point something would not fire, so I am really not upset. My question is how do I track down the problem? Is there a way to see what did not work?

First Step is to check the mode, since if it’s wrong, a lot of things are likely to go wrong. You can just look through the notifications in the mobile app to see if it changed when it was supposed to.

Next step if the mode was right is just to look through the recent activity for the hot water heater just to get an overview of what, if anything, commands have been sent to it recently. Open the mobile app, choose “my house” (the four little square icon down at the bottom of the screen), choose things, find the device that should have fired but didn’t and click on its name ( not the icon to the left of the name, the actual name itself). This will open the detail screen for that device. Now click on “recently” at the top of the detail screen to see its recent events.

If checking the mode, the notifications, and the recent events for the device listed in the mobile app don’t give you enough information to understand what went wrong, it’s time to start looking into the technical logs.

You can do this yourself, or just put in a support ticket by email and support will look at them for you.

Here’s how you can do it yourself:


IIRC correctly, we were talking about changing presence indicators last week because you were visiting grandchildren… Any chance you have a presence indicator still set to The other location? Or turned off?

1st reported case of low HAF? Lol


LOL… that is exactly what I thought at the time…

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I also turn the hot water heater off over night and had some issues in the past but since I do 2 simple things I have not gotten into trouble:

  • Run the automation local: Changed my water heater to a local device type (z-wave switch) on v2 hub and run the automation on Smart Lighting and not as part of a mode change (but conditional of mode so it does not turn on when you are away or on vacation)
  • Set up a notification when the water heater turns on. First thing I check when I get up in the morning is if I got the notification. (Rush into the basement to the switch and turn on manually if it failed!)
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There are a number of women who are members of this community and act as “tech support” for their families. That’s why many people use FAF (Family Acceptance Factor) or SAF (Spousal Acceptance Factor) when speaking of general cases rather than their own particular situation.

In my case, I use xAF where x is anyone other than me. :sunglasses:

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What you said makes sense. I was using RM. I removed that and I now have it set up with Smart Lighting…but, how do I set up a notification? What app does that?

I am using RM… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding… I use the old “Notify me when” app from the Marketplace. With all the Smartthings troubles, this one has not failed me yet.

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Any idea where in the Marketplace it is¿
I can not seem to find it!

It’s under "safety & security "

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User (me) stupidity… found. I was in Marketplace “Things” NOT “SmartApps”… sigh… thanks for your help.

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nah. It’s user (interface) stupidity.

For really critical stuff I’d consider programming two separate “on’s”.

Also if my HW heater had a setpoint, I’d only lower it, not turn it off. That way it’s an inconvenience not an emergency (for some).