H801 color programs in Edge

I’ve recently flashed my H801 LED modules with Tatsmota firmware and got them on Edge drivers. They work great, but I miss the programmable color effects that came with the previous SmartLife Groovy DTH.

Is there any way to get this kind of functionality back?

What Edge driver are you using? Were you using a custom or stock DTH previously?

Regardless, I’m finding that sharptools.io seems to support features and capabilities not available via the ST app. Most recently, I found I can turn the ice maker of my Samsung fridge on/off from Sharptools, something that is not available in the ST app.

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I’m using the Tasmota edge drivers here. [ST Edge] •• Tasmota Edge •• for Sonoff, Tuya & many other ESP WiFi & HTTP devices - over 2000 Tasmota supported devices

I was using this SmartApp.

I do have SharpTools, but it won’t handle the kind of lighting effects I’m wanting to do. Those effects have to be programmed into the board itself.

The SmartLife groovy smartapp/dth has a modded Tasmota firmware to support the custom effects.

I believe the original firmware doesn’t support them (except the limited light scheme)

You may want to consider WLED for light effects and is supported by Tasmota Edge.

I flashed an ESP8266 NodeMCU board with the WLED firmware and have it added to SmartThings. It works fine, but I can’t figure out how to activate the scenes. I have a couple Presets set, and they show up in the app and I can activate them manually, but I can’t figure out how to trigger them from an automation. Have you had any luck with this?

@MABeatty1978, did you try to flash your H801’s with WLED or are you abandoning them?

I flashed all of them with WLED. I did the NodeMCU for the individually addressable LEDS which the H801 doesn’t support.

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Can I use the WLED Web Installer to flash an H801 or is there a different site to d/l the image from?

Web Installer worked fine. The H801 doesn’t have a USB port on it so you do still need a serial → usb converter.