Guidance Prior to Buy Sensors (EU)

Hello Great Team,

In fact, I am in the process of selecting the best sensors which will support my Samsung SmartThings Hub 3 without any issue. Well, I was searching everywhere and there were many choices but I am afraid to buy without consulting one of the experts.

My first choice is Z Wave sensors and if not I will go for other recommended protocols easy to configure and not much expensive too. The my device Z Wave region set to EU and Frequency range in my country set to (868.42MHz). The required sensors list given below

Water Leakage sensor
Motion Sensor
Multipurpose Sensor
Arrival Sensors
Temperature , Humidity Sensors
CO2 sensors

Could anyone provide me the model details, the place to buy and that will really help me going forward. Thanks once again and Have a nice evening

I would start with the Officiallly supported device list:

Thanks a lot!