Topvico Z-wave Sensors

I would like to order Topvico Z-wave sensors because they are cheap. Are they smartthings EU compatible?
Can I connect all Topvica Z-wave products with Smartthings without a special code - just a link with Smartthings?

Most manufacturers make models for both US and EU. So, your best bet is to ask the seller about the specific device you want to buy.

All certified Z wave products will be listed on the official Z wave alliance products website. Just look in the CEPT section for the ones on the European frequency and they should match the UK version of the smartthings hub.

That said, I don’t see any Topvico zwave products. They have some inexpensive sensors, but it looks like they’re all using a proprietary 315 MHz frequency, which is not zwave and cannot be used with SmartThings.

Do you have a link for the specific product you were looking at?

I contacted the seller and said that motion sensors are compatible with Smartthings.

Motion sensor

Not really that cheap compare to some well known sensor and you might need device handler to make it work

Which sensors do you recommend (EU version)?