Guest room simple remote

This is awesome. I’d like one to control the guest bedroom fan, heater and lights.

Can it be done with an older iPad or used iPod touch?

Evolve LCD-tc1

With an OAuth endpoint, you can make pretty much anything a remote. I have shortcuts on my homescreen to quickly toggle lights.

To grab the URLs needed to change devices, you can visit the official OAuth example:

And simply copy the URLs to a shortcut or embed into your own web interface.

Dear Sir, without wishing to offend those that wrote the code, I was kinda expecting something with a GUI more representative of 2014 rather than 1990. I think even X10 looks better than this.

Here’s what others bring to the table (no pun intended)

Legran MyHome
Control 4

I would suggest these are the benchmark for a 2014 UI.

My comment was more about showing the OAuth endpoint URLs to trigger events. You can create whatever interface for it you want. Here’s what mine looks like after 20 minutes of work:
SmartThings OAuth Remote

What the OP showed is an actual ZWave device. Although it does not have a flashy interface, it works perfectly. I recently stayed at the Wynn in Vegas and they have these in every room… there is a button for “Good Night”, “Open Shades”, etc. I prefer something like that to a tablet or phone interface that can just sit on the night stand.

I like the simple thing too but it’s $195 which is a bit steep.

Yes, the simple thing is great… and yes, it is super expensive… but i dont think it would take much time to write a simple webapp to fire off calls to smartthings, or if there is an interface builder for iOS or Android… i havent looked into it. I was planning on just writing a pretty website for my home. This would allow me to integrate other things… i “splunk” myself and my house and want to see that.

I know @twack and I have both written frontends for ST using the available API. I’m not able to find his - but it’s very nice and does a lot of statistics on use. Mine is more basic, but integrates entertainment devices (it’s more of a remote) for TVs, Roku, PS3. You can find mine here: (built on node.js).

I hate to be the 8 post noob banging his drum and not giving anything back, but I bought smartthings (over Revo and Vera) for the iOS UI as seen on Google Images.

I think the UI needs to beat Homeseer Touch. After all it’s been available for about 4 years.

I want my guest to see my system and be envious of the convenience and smartness, rather than question why the hell I don’t just use a switch like the rest of the world.

I’d like a walled garden smartthings UI, where I define a location (as a subset of my home) and it only has certain apps and devices available to it in a singe sheet.

Also I’d like world peace and to end Famine.

Not a bad interface @ImBrian

Thanks to all that posted ideas. I think I’m gonna hop to Fibaro2 if they have any left. Sure it’s a $500 device, but the uptime of the laggy Smarthings servers and the dead-end item discussed above mean the $100 ST is not the right place to spend my money.