Easy Button

So, I made a Z-Wave Easy Button, and I invite everyone to do the same.

I posted an instructable describing the process of hacking it together, and the code I used. It’s a fun little remote for SmartThings.


@bdahlem thanks for the neat instructables. I will look into it, just to be able to pace Virtual Buttons where needed.

You are awesome, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar repurposing wall switch remotes and the cheap monoprice sensor. There are some smaller but none cheaper.

Your device type is what I was unsure about so didn’t try yet. But now that I know it’s doable I can easily for about $50 a piece make remote out of actual switches to trigger lights and fans.

The only thing I think that would make it even cooler is like the monoprice device actually has 3 switches. One for magnet, One for tamper and one for the screw in wire. So in theory with the correct device type each of these switches could trigger different actions. In that case it could then be wired into a 1, 2 or 3 button switches.

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This is gold. Combine this with some velostat and some conductive wire --> we now have wearable zwave devices. Or maybe I’ll just set up touch controls into my sofa or mattress. Thanks!

OK! now I challenge you to make the same thing in a decora style switch. Pretty please?

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Is just a tap on / tap off sufficient?

I’d like to at least have the ability to hold down to dim (and hold again to brighten), and/or have an extra rocker to dim up / dim down.

It’s not as much fun, but for $50, you can use the SmartenIT 3 toggle switch without customization and have remote control of 3 smart devices or Hello Home Actions/SmartApps in about 5 minutes. You will miss the smell of solder, though. :wink:

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I’d prefer to dim, but if could only do on and off, I’d take it. Better than just smart bulbs that have to be reprogrammed every time my kid decides to flip the switch.

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