Guest mode?

So I have my ST set up so that it executes the automation “I’m away” which also puts the Smart Home Monitor on ARMED.

However, sometimes I have guests at my house when I’m not there, so what’s the best way to enable a “Guest” mode so when ST detects I’m not there, it won’t change my status and enable the Smart Home monitor?

Now, obviously, I can just change my status to “I’m Home” which disabled smart home monitor, but I found that as soon as my location is updated, it changes back to “I’m away”.

What’s the best way around this?


Create a mode call guest mode, then set your automation (the one that change the mode when presence sensor is away) not to run when in the guest mode

@CSC - are you talking about in Automation? because doesn’t it just run once and then complete? it’s not really an on/off switch right? So if I executed Guest (via automation) and then it detects I’m away, it would then override that and put me back in away mode, correct?

I think @anon36505037 has the right idea, i like the idea of having an actual switch.

In Automation, advance you can set the automation not to run when you are in certain mode.

My sample below call no trigger, the routine will not run when I’m in the no trigger mode

Right, I got that, but how do you take it out of no trigger mode? You’d have to manually put it back into HOME or AWAY mode, right?

You can use CoRE to trigger routine, but not the other way :wink:

Since this is for special guest mode, you can just create a routine to turn on/off guest mode.

Even if you go with the virtual switch way, you still need to manually toggle the switch.

Can you show me how you trigger CoRE from routine?

Thanks, but that’s trigger routine from CoRE, not trigger CoRE from routine

What @anon36505037 showed is triggering CoRE from a routine. CoRE basically checks if a routine was executed, and if it was the CoRE piston gets triggered.

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@ZebraBlinds, now I see the different. Thanks

Add virtual switch called “Guest Mode”. Add new mode called Guest.

Add “Switch Changes Mode” app.

Set Goodbye routine to not execute when in Guest mode:

Set I’m Back routine to run when someone arrives, and tell it to turn off Guest mode switch:

Only thing you have to do is manually turn on the Guest Mode switch before you leave (simple to do via Alexa or GH if you have one) the rest is automatic.

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Only downside to this is you can’t get Alexa or Google Home to set presence by voice command.

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The virtual presence is a great idea. I’ve added one called “Nana” to keep my Mother-in-law from tripping my SMH. I’ll turn it off when she leaves,


I think technically you could… Mike’s App and DTH can convert a switch in to presence, this would also show someone being present to stop SHM arming… :slight_smile: