What do you do with ST when you have someone else staying in your home?

We are going away for a week and having a family member stay in our house to look after our senior dog.

Short of me re-programming all my presence sensors and routines etc is there a quick way to setup my ST system for “guest” occupancy ??

The depends on your setup, i have smart locks that set a virtual presence sensor to present based on lock code and away when my motion detectors stop detection motion for 1 hr. I’ve also given a couch surfer a “guest” key fob to do the samething.

I have found the quickest and best solution in this case is to create a new mode/routine.

First create a new mode. Ensure you name them something unique so your confident you know when you are in this mode (e.g. I named mine, X AWAY - ALL DISABLED).

Next add a routine, again you can give unique name same as above. Ensure in the routine setting you set it up to change to the mode you just created.

The mode/routine should be set it up so they do not trigger anything to go on/off or set any other items (also check to ensure it disables SHM if you use the functionality).

Lastly go into all of your existing routines, one by one…
Go to the bottom of the routine settings menu, under additional settings click on 'Automatically perform when…" then scroll down to “Don’t automatically do this if I am in one of these modes”, then select your newly created mode you just created. This essentially disables all of your existing routines from triggering when in the newly created mode.

Is this what you are looking for? Need any additional help I can give you a few screenshots to walk you through the setup.