Guardian Security System up for renewal. Switch or renew?

So I have a decently sized SmartThings eco-system with Kwikset deadbolts/levers on all external doors, contact sensors on all external doors, multiple dimmers and fan switches throughout, Smoke and CO tied in (through Ecolink sensors), EcoBee integrated, all along with Echo/Tap devices. I also have a Guardian security system that’s hybrid hardwire/wireless. Doors (3) have wired contact sensors, I have a couple hard wired glass breakage sensors (3), and about 5 wireless window sensors.

My 3 year contract renewal is coming up in two months and I’m not sure if I want to keep paying them $45 a month. However there doesn’t seem to be anything out on the market that’s any better. I’m patiently waiting for the Blink product ( but I don’t want to wait forever. I’ve looked into the SmartThings + Scout but I’ve heard nothing but bad about the service. I don’t feel I get much from my current alarm system, the cell modem goes offline all the time and needs to be rebooted and if I want to add a sensors or make any changes they require a technician visit which is a minimum of $150. They also keep all the “master/installer” codes so you can’t do anything yourself. It also just looks very dated even though it was new 3 years ago.

What options are there? Is there a security system that will tie into SmartThings so the two can share info? It would be great to bring all those existing hard wired connections into SmartThings but I don’t see that happening without a Uno and a bunch of programming or buying a lot of contact sensors that have external inputs (Ecolink?) which would get expensive. That and the wireless window ones might be proprietary to the system I have. Or do I go with a new alarm panel and move some of my stuff off of SmartThings to a panel that supports Z-Wave and then SmartThings is for lack of a better term degraded into a glorified lighting system through Alexa?

Anyone make this transition with any advice?


Had also hoped to make the jump, as I hate paying ADT their monthly fee. But ST isn’t there yet (plenty on this throughout the forum) as a replacement. It is a great supplemental system & I use it in two homes for climate monitoring and security lighting control. Very happy with that part…

If you’re happy with your current solution (it sounds like you may not be), I’d suggest staying with them. Or investigate the alternatives. Or consider whether what you can get with ST satisfies your needs.

What kind of alarm system is it? Brand. If it’s a Vista 20P check out Envisalink 4 module. It wires up like a keypad and hook into your network over ethernet. Free app and you can set it up to monitor with them or just have it text/email you or anyone you want.

I don’t believe its a Vista 20P. I honestly have no idea what it is but here is a picture:

I’m leaning twords 2gig ( It’s a DIY alarm system and they have a module that will convert 8 hardwired inputs over to wireless (expandable to 24 with aditional modules that interfaces to their system. So I would be able to reuse all the hardwired stuff. Not sure on the couple wireless but at that point I can replace the 3 or so window contacts I have. The offers alarm monitoring service for the 2Gig panels among others.

Someone integrated SmartThings and 2Gig using a MIMO in between (, one turns on the relay the other reads status from what I understand so SmartThings knows the armed/disarmed status of the 2Gig panel. Sounds promising but I have more reading to do. Someone else brought their SmartThings panel into 2Gig/ and all their devices showed up ( which is pretty neat also. Would be nice to have a single interface but still have separate systems so this is what I’m going to look into.

It seems my old panel is junk even though the system is less then 3 years old. I’m out of contract mid October so I have time to study and get stuff ordered.

I think its a GE Concord. Only 6 zones plus a separate smoke detector zone. Not one of the major players for integration.

There should be more then 6 zones unless they use some hi lo sensing. The system currently has 9 sensors listed + smoke (10 zones total). I went through the house: 3 wired door contacts, 4 wired glass breakage sensors, and 2 wireless window contacts so it matches up. Assuming the two smoke/heat sensors are wired in parallel.

Hate the thought of having to tear it all apart but on the flip side I can have something more modern. Too bad I didn’t have something more up to date…I would have just gotten that module so I could see stuff and then found a company to do monitoring.

My bad, 6 hard wired zones. It can do more zones wirelessly and you can have multiple devices on a hard wired zone. So like 10 windows in the sun room could one zone.

I think I’m heavily leaning twords this: [RELEASE] Konnected Security 2.0 - Connect Wired Alarm System Sensors and Siren to SmartThings - big update and new name!

It looks like it will do what I want without me having to figure much out plus for the price, under $100, its worth trying. Maybe I’ll try the scout monitoring on a month to month basis also and see how it works once it’s all setup. I can then replace my current alarm system keypad with a 7 or 8 android tablet and hard wire the power using the existing wires so it can just run SmartThings 24/7.

I think this will work…

FYI - You were correct. It is a GE Concord 4. 6 partitions, 8 wired inputs, up to 96 wireless ( Either way it’s getting replaced. :slight_smile:

Looks like a good solution. I may get one just to play with it. I don’t have my alarm on ST because I don’t want it to be able to disarm my system without me knowing it.

I see this effort started December 2017.
I’m trying to do the same but now it’s june 2019 and I have a fire 7 9th generation. Is there an updated version of the script that you could share?
Thank you!