Groups: Would Like More than just Lights and Cameras

Rooms are a great way to organise devices and in a lot of scenarios this is enough. I also organise devices related for managing my heating, and for grouping contact sensors on my windows. This is so that I can run routines if at least one window is openned in a room, instead of checking two or three contact sensors. I’ve done this by creating “windows” and “heating” rooms. When attempting to set up the map view this led to an issue, as those rooms won’t make sense to appear on a map.
Lighting and cameras can be grouped, but would be handy to be able to group more sensors together as well, like if you have multiple contact sensors on your living room window, so the group can report as “open”, if one or more sensors is oppened.
This may already be possible in other ways, and I’d be interested to know if people do something similar. But as groups already exists as a concept in the app, extending this for more devices would be a helpful feature.


The biggest issue with groups is that they are not local, just like “scenes” were not back in the day. If you create an automation for your motion sensor to turn on “the hallway lights group”, that routine will be cloud-based even if all the lights are local.

Until they fix that I try to stay away from groups.


Thanks for the tip. At least using the virtual edge driver to group automations in rooms can be run locally.