Great Way to Get More Widgets (AutomateIt app)

(JIm) #1

I saw somewhere on this forum a while back about an app called Automatelt. It is very similiar to Tasker but much simpler to configure and use. Using Webcore you can create actions in Automatelt to send web requests and control about anything in ST. This is nothing new, but I found this to be great for creating Widgets to control my stuff. A lot easier than Tasker.

Just some thoughts in case anyone was interested in taking a look at it.


Yeah, I use it all the time. When you’re using the web call function, make sure you set it to check to use the GET function, that way it won’t open your browser too. There are a bunch of functions that you can trigger events off of in AutomateIt. I have a setup where ST tells IFTTT when I’ve run my Goodbye routine, then IFTTT turns on the bluetooth on my phone. When the bluetooth connects to my car, AutomateIt sets the volume on my phone higher and the screen brightness to a higher level. A process that used to take about 2-3 minutes every time I left the house now happens automatically.


(JIm) #4

I’m trying to figure out if it is ‘eLt’ or ‘eIt’. :slight_smile:


“It” as in “automate it.” :sunglasses:

(JIm) #6

Sometimes the obvious just isn’t. Don’t know how I missed that.

(Glen King) #7

I used to use AutomateIt before I found Tasker. Had it doing various things on Android phone.

Can’t quite remember what though.