Govee integration

Hi i have been looking for a way to conect my govee lights to smartthings found one but it involved groovy and with this not working any more was wondering if any one found a way around this .

I haven’t seen one yet.

For now you can use IFTTT

Or Alexa routines as an intermediary and get partial integration that way.

Govee is going to provide Matter integration for at least some of their models, so longterm that may solve the issue. But we’re not there yet.

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Thanks for the feedback mutch appreciated :+1:

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Thanks for the hint, I have three Govee lights already setup as scenes in SmartThings using Groovy. These then stopped working recently with groovy being discontinued.

Now I got it working again by adding virtual switches (thanks TAustin for those) to the already existing ST scenes (scenes my Google home and Flic setup also uses). The virtual switches then triggers the Govee lights via IFTTT. A bit fiddly setup but it works fine, and latency is ok’ish (like 1-3sec)

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Sadly I’m already maxed out to the 1 free ifft applet (they advertise 2, but I have to create a new ifft acct just to get another applet)… so hopefully a Edge integration will come for Govee

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Can you elaborate on your solution? What I’m trying to do on my end is get my smart life smart switch to turn on a govee floor lamp.

If your govee lights are integrated with Alexa, then you can create a virtual switch between Smartthings and Alexa (appears he is using TAustins Vedge Creator for that but I believe there is a lesser native virtual switch creater in ST as well). Once the switch is created you would have a routine in ST when your button/switch is pressed to toggle the virtual switch. Then in an Alexa routine you would have a routine when the Virtual switch changes to turn on/off the govee light. So basically create a virtual switch, and then create 2 routines one in ST, one in Alexa.

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