Govee DreamColor LED Strip Lights with WiFi and Smartthings?

I got it to work!!! I used a virtual switch to make sure my Alexa account was getting the command. Then I put the in a group and used the group as the target. After that I went back and changed the automation in SmartThings and it just started working. Three days but I got it to work!


How does this work with webcore? Does the color, hue and saturation actually update on the ST platform?

I would be curious to see if you get full control and status of the RGB setup through Smartthings

Can you give us a step by step of this please.

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Can you describe exactly how did you make it?


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Hi All,

I got this working following Bigg_X’s suggestions, which slight modifications. It was quite easy to do. Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Created a Virtual Lock in Smartthings API
    Following these directions: FAQ: Creating a virtual Device
    but instead of a Simulated Switch, select Simulated Lock.

(Simulated switches cannot be used as a trigger in Alexa routines, as I learned, but locks can)

This should show up in the ST app and also in the Alexa app.

  1. In Alexa, add two new Routines.
    For trigger, select the simulated lock that you just created. If Unlocked, turn on the Goove light. If locked, turned it off. (both trigger and action are under Smart Home)

That’s all! Works fine. Cannot change color and such in ST from this single Simulated Lock - however, multiple locks can be added that trigger different colors, if one desires. For me, On-Off is enough.

Unfortunately they cannot be used in routines in ST - those only take switches, not locks. Arg…

Any way of controlling it without using Alexa?

I got Google all over the home… not much of an A fan…

I spent the good part of the last 2 hours trying and all i got was something like server unreachable or something…

I need to get a motion sensor to turn on a govee strip when motion is detected

I emailed Govee and they said Smartthings is on their radar but was initially working on IFTTT


Got the integration working with IFTTT (uses 2 of the 3 free IFTTT applets).
You will need to link both Govee and ST accounts to IFTTT for this to work.

  1. Create Virtual switch using Virtual device creator
  2. Create 2 IFTTT applets to turn on Govee switch ON when Virtual switch is ON
    and Govee switch OFF when virtual switch is OFF
  3. Create webcore script to detect motion and turn Virtual switch ON, wait 5 mins then turn Virtual switch OFF


You can also do this using Alexa routine, if that’s your preference (no Virtual switch needed as Alexa will directly work with Govee and if motion sensor is visible to Alexa)


Ifttt with virtual switch works great. Didn’t realize Govee had connected with ifttt yet. Last time I looked it hadn’t. Thanks for the tip!

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You can integrate govee with smartthings by following instructions here

Then you be able to create automations to turns lights on/off when your tv is switched on/off etc.


Thanks for this! I’ll give it a try later today

is the KED/device id the hardware version? hardware and model are all i have in the configuration tab

You need to open the index.html file in your chrome browser on laptop and it will show you your devices and ids

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You also need to request a govee api key 1st, as this is needed to control devices with smartthings. Then on the index.html page click on the Configuration tab, enter your govee api key and it returns the device’s ids. ! Screenshot_20201228-174802_Govee Home|225x500


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I clicked on the index.html and just led to a page of code. how do I get to the page you showed with configuration tab?

Click on the button “raw”, then you can download the page and open it up. Easier on a computer.

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OK, hate to seem like such a newb but thanks for the help… ive clicked raw, how do I download and open?

LOL Nevrmind…I figured it out

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Good to hear!

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