Google Pixel 7 Pro geolocation presence sensor in ST

how does Smartthings’ native geolocation presence sensor work on Google Pixel 7 Pro? I would like opinions from who owns this device and uses Smartthings geolocation. Thank you

If opinion from a different Pixel helps:

I’ve got a Pixel 4a-5g running Android 13 and the native presence sensing works fine. You’ve got to go thru the settings for the app and be sure location is available all the time, use precise location is on, and prevent the app from being paused if unused.

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yes yes thank you, I know the procedures, but with many phones it does not work very well despite all the permissions given. Now with Oneplus 9 for example … the location is not working on my phone.

I really hope it will work fine on the Pixel 7 Pro

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I have a Pixel 6 Pro and it works well. One thing I’ve learned after getting new Pixels over the past few years–when you transfer settings/apps/etc. over (via cable)…any app that uses geolocation triggering (ST, Nest, etc.) doesn’t seem to have that working right unless you delete the app and reinstall. After I’ve done that, it seems to be much, much more reliable.

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thanks for the advice, I’ll do it then. now I have a OnePlus 9 and I’m thinking of doing the restore by cable.

Your post got me thinking … I am trying to study the situation to understand how to use geolocation when Life 360 will no longer work. I therefore have 3 virtual devices for each component (life360, Google Home, Smartthings). Not always everything works well, on the contrary … in my Oneplus 9 phone it seems to no longer update the position either on Smartthings or on Google Home, and perhaps right after the update to Android 13 which took place a few days ago. My new Pixel 7 Pro should arrive today, but this Oneplus will stay in the house for my wife, so I hope after a reset and new configuration with her account, it can get better. I have already tried to delete the google home apps and reinstall it, but despite the logs saying they have accessed the location, the status does not update.

It’s frustrating. sometimes, it just doesn’t work. I have noticed this with ST’s android auto triggers…most of the time it triggers, but not always.

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