Google Nest Integration Keeps switching from Celsius to Fahrenheit (UK)


I linked my SmartThings account with Google Nest to be able to automate my Goole Nest Thermostat.
I live in the UK.

After a few hours, the temperature of the Thermostat in the SmartThings app changed from Celsius to Farenheit! I unlinked the account and linked it again but it changed again after a few hours.

Has anyone else seen that issue? thnx

Please search the forums. A quick search with Nest Thermostat Celsius will turn up no less than 6 threads discussing this issue within the last year alone. Its not the only integration thats doing it. The weather component on the home screen does it too. But that’s owned by SmartThings and you can open a ticket on it.

I say that because ntegrations are owned by the respective companiy being integrated. AFAIK that means you’ll likely need to start with Google (yes no fun, sorry l) support in addition to SmartThings support to get it looked at.

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I think the Nest integration actually belongs to SmartThings.