Nest display constantly changes from Centigrade to Fahrenheit

Samsung FamilyHub owner, only had the fridge for a week, the SmartThings widget display on my fridge for my Nest thermostat (which is and has always been in °C) keeps changing to °F.

I’m not the only person with this issue it seems and I cannot seem to find a fix.

It starts with the ambient temp display in the room changing to °F first and the set temperature remaining as °C and after a day or two, they both become °F.

I have deleted and removed the widget from the FamilyHub and it goes back to °C for a short while and then the cycle starts again.

As I live in the UK and °F is a pointless temperature scale it makes this integration worthless.

I’d rather have Kelvin than Farenheit. Please sort this as Farenheit is a dumb temperature scale.

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