Google Home voice command for Schlage deadbolt

I have a Google Home and a Smartthings Hub, and I am really loving the ability to use voice commands to turn on/off lights, the ability to use scenes with the ST app, etc. The one thing I can’t figure out how to do is lock a deadbolt with GH voice commands. I know I can’t unlock using GH voice commands, and I have scenes set up to lock and unlock using presence sensors, but when I try to say OK Google, unlock back door deadbolt, GH tells me “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help”. I feel like I just don’t have the right command syntax.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

I would suggest not allowing unlocking of locks through voice…otherwise, what is to stop a would-be intruder from shouting that command into your house?

oh…so sorry! I mean to say "when I try to say OK Google, LOCK back door deadbolt, GH tells me “Sorry, I’m not sure how to help”.

I’m trying to LOCK not unlock.

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Well typically if guest mode is off nobody in the house can use your door unlock voice command google home shortcut.

Did you try using ifttt with Google voice assistant and smart things? If that didn’t work the word “lock” might be blocked for actions on Google assistant. You can try words like lawk, loak, etc.

Different things work for different people. :sunglasses:

In my case, for example, I am quadriparetic and have great difficulty opening the door on my own, even just to go out. I want to be able to unlock my doors by voice, but I have taken various safety considerations into account, including testing whether shouting from outside the house would work (it doesn’t). So I unlock the door by voice and then my service dog physically opens the door. That way he can’t let himself out if I am asleep, but I don’t have to touch the door.

In the OP’s case, there are several different ways to make this work. You can just use IFTTT with Google assistant for the “if” and smartthings for the “that.”

Or You can set up a routine that unlocks the lock and then have that routine trigger from a virtual switch and then have Google turn on the virtual switch.

Or there are some other things that you can do as well but I think those two are the simplest.

Back when I was using Tasker/Autovoice (before Alexa came on the scene) on a tablet for voice commands, I had no problem with the basic function of “ok google, unlock the door”.

Alexa will still lock the door just by saying “Alexa, lock the door”.

You can get it to unlock the door via IFTTT: “Alexa, trigger unlock door”.

So it’s reasonably certain that a similar IFTTT scenario for unlocking can easily be done, as JD states above.

That’s the approach I used, also for grouping commands. You can lock and unlock, open/close shades, etc. Some with native ST and google assistant, some require ifttt routines

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You can setup the lock as a routine in smartthings and then setup a short cut in google home … then you can say “ok google, activate shortcut name you chose” and it will lock … I tried setting up another routine for unlock using the same method and wasn’t able to get it to work; not sure if there is something preventing unlocking by voice as a security measure … but the locking command works