Google Home + STHub + Linear Garage Door?

Hi Everyone. I just wanted to check if anybody has gotten their STHub and the Linear Garage Door opener to work together and if you have, can you please give a step by step setup?
I have the Garage Door opener set up on my STHub and now want to integrate it with Google Home. The Google Home device is far enough in the back of the house so that nobody is going to yell into the house to open the garage. I have tested this.

Thank you in Advance.

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I have a Virtual Momentary Switch called vGarage Door Opener. In Google Home, it has an Alias of “Garage Door”.

In Google Home Helper, I have a Scenario called “Garage Door Control”. Scenario Type is Modes/Routines/Devices/HTTP/SHM Control.

The control settings are:
Switch Selection: vGarage Door Opener
Switch States to React To:On/Off
SmartThings Device Control: [Remote Garage Door] set to Toggle (being the name of my Linear Controller)

Restriction: Only in the Following Modes: Home (So it cannot be triggered when I am away or in the middle of the night)

So it works when I say “OK Google, Turn on the Garage Door” or “OK Google. Turn off the Garage Door

I’m not crazy about the “Turn On/Turn Off” syntax, but haven’t gotten around to cleaning that up yet - likely with IFTTT, :slight_smile:

Good Luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Nate

I was able to create a Virtual garage door opener

Now how do I tie that in to the original Garage door opener? or do I tie it to Google Home directly ?

He is using Google Home Helper to tie the virtual switch to routine. You will need to install the smartapp from Github.

How do I install this?

Use this DTH instead. Adds a switch feature to the garage door. So you can connect it to Google home. Then I use ifttt that turn it on (open) when I say open garage door and off (close) when i close the garage door. Or you can simply turn it on and off with google but it doesn’t feel as natural to say.

I have seen some recent threads that indicate that there may be problems with SmarThings/IFTTT working together recently. If you need to find Google Home Helper, see the link below.

I know this is an older post, but I had a quick question based on your comment. Are you saying you’re able to get Google Assistant to open the garage door by saying “Okay Google, open the garage door.”?

If so, how? I have a similar setup and have tried a couple different methods to get Assistant to respond to “open” and “close” and have been unsuccessful. I always have to say “turn on the garage door”. It’s like Google is blocking those commands, which is something I’ve head before. Haven’t seen confirmation it’s true though…

There are two options.

  1. Use the native google shortcuts feature in the home app. You can have it so when you say open garage door it actaully responds to turn on garage door. But when it gives you a response it will say “ok turning on garage door” so doesnt sound right of course.
  2. You can use the ifttt app. With it you can have it set up so when you say open garage door it turns it on but with this you can also program response saying opening garage. This is what i use for one becaue i set it up before shortcuts came out and i like being able to program the resonse. A down side though is it can take a little while sometimes for the garage to actually open because google is talking to ifttt then ifttt is talking to ST. I personslly havent really ran into much of a problem in tbis area myself.

I set this up and it works but if the garage door is closed and I tell it to close then it opens. Is there anyway that if you tell it to close and it is already closed then it does nothing?

You can use WEBCore to react to your virtual switch. Set up 2 switches, one for open, one for close. Have Google Home trigger the appropriate one with a piston action. In each piston:

Open Piston:
If Garage door is closed open the garage door.

Close piston:
If Garage door is open, close the garage door.

I have simplified this a bit (!), but the general gist is there…

I set this up with the virtual device as a Momentary Button Tile and it works except that when I open the door, something like a minute later it closes without me acting on it. Any ideas why that might be? Maybe that is the wrong virtual device type to use?

Also, has anyone used the garage door sensor that identifies if it is up or down to get around that opening when it’s already opened or closing when it’s already closed? I started to try out the WebCoRE solution but I’m hoping to keep it simple, less interfaces.


For what it’s worth- I got it to work without the WebCoRE solution. Nothing against WebCoRE but I was able to use IFTTT. First, I had to switch my virtual switch type to “Simulated Switch” and then I just used IFTTT to use the Garage Door up/down sensor to set the switch to Off/On depending. This way, Google Home checks the state of the virtual switch when it goes up/down either from Google Home or the old school button in the garage or in the car. I then added the polite responses in IFTTT as well.

The only thing I couldn’t get to work elegantly is closing both garage doors with a single command.