Google home speaker to play voice notifications

Good Evening

I am new on this.
currently I have a lot of smartthings things (motion sensors, door switch, door lock, light bulb, smart plugs). Also I have google home speaker, google home hub, lenovo display, dome siren.

I am a disabled veteran with some mobility issues. I need to be able to receive voice notifications when things happens, for example when from door opens, I need my google home speaker to say: :main door was opened" or something to that effect.

Right now I can only make my dome speaker to make a chime sound.

Any help would be really appreciated.

I also have a galaxy view tablet. I was trying to install the lannouncer but I get no sound out of it.

Thank you

Check this thread, btw you can’t use Google home to announce

Dunno how crazy you want to get, or how much you like to tinker…

There’s something called Google Home Relay or Google Assistant Relay on this site. It’s used to get announcements out of the Google products… I never went through with installing it all myself, I remember it being quite the project to get going. So I have no personal experience to report of, just wanted to mention that it exists.

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If you are using Google Home Speakers, then Google Assistant Relay is what you need. You need to have server/computer running 24/7 to get this up and running.

If you swap to Amazon Echos then you can use Echo Speaks which does not need 24/7 server to work. I have been using both of these and both are great. I like Google products more so that’s why I’m using Assistant Relay now.


I’m a bit surprised this can’t be done natively. Not saying that is incorrect, just surprising.

I know you can do it with an Echo. Even if you’re not interested in adding (or switching to) the Alexa “ecosystem”, you might consider buying just one Echo for that purpose.

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Hi are You Using raspberry pie for your server in Google relay?

No. I’m using windows laptop as a 24/7 server. I mainly use it security camera recording and that’s why it runs all the time. That’s why it is also perfect for Google Relay use. My laptop is very fast and powerful but I guess Pie would work great if it would be used only for Google Relay.

Has there been any advancements, in allowing a Google/Nest Home device to be used as a speaker to notify?

I’m aware of the Google Relay, but don’t have anything running 24/7, neither do I feel like I have the technical knowledge know-how.


The installation of Google Assitant Relay is not that complicated. Only to get correctly the authentication from Google, that is a bit fiddly. But installing it is quite easy.

Otherwise, no, there isn’t.

I’ve been reading about Assitant Relay and cast-web-api. My understanding is they are two separate applications that accomplish the same end goal of making announcements on GH. How do they compare in that what are their pros and cons?

I’m trying to figure out how to install Asisstant Relay. I’ve got a Synology NAS with Docker (I am VERY new to docker) and was able to deploy a node.js container. but … now what. LOL.