Google home speaker

ive trawled the posts but am unsure which are still current/vailid on this topic

Can google home’s be used as speakers without an aditional devece such as a pie/phone/tablet/computer?

if so what SmartApps can descover/add the devices?

No. It looks like the current “state of the art” approach is to run a “relay” server as below.

i thought so still but saw this post

That’s still running on a server and simply casting the audio to the Home.

i know im simple, but it shouldnt be that hard to do, i have about 10 apps on my phone which can detect and cast to chromecasts and home’s

What exactly are you trying to use the speaker for in SmartThings? SmartThings doesn’t manage media all that well. Are you trying to use it for notifications of some kind? Trying to automatically play music or something?

Need a little more info. Speakers for what purpose?

notifications, using big talker mainly

Not via big talker unfortunately. Google assistant relay is your best option. But you have to have a “man-in -the-middle” running a NodeJS server to get it to work.

Since you referenced me, yes,I use the Squeezebox solution to cast to a Google home, and am using it with big talker. Yes, it does require the Squeezebox server (LMS), as a middleman, but it is an easy install on a computer… Bonus is tapping into a music library, which can be played through device buttons.

I guess I should point out that the Squeezebox device handlers were created to support that product. The Google Home/Chromecast integration was just a bonus byproduct of it for Squeezebox users and not the intended objective.