Google home, smart things and best tv (samsung tv vs Android tv vs Android box)

Hi newbie here.

Did a quick.Search and no discussion

I’m heavily into Google ecosystem so I have my heart set on Google home.

Research leads me to realize I need a home hub and smart things is most recommended.

But what tv should I get.

I read all the pros and cons of smart tv / android box vs smart tv but how do things change if you have smart things.

You would think Samsung tv pair up nicely with ST but forum seems to say not really.

Android tv pairs nicely with Google home obviously but what about with ST?

What’s pro and cons of controlling your tv via google home vs ST?

Its quite confusing the options

The good news is you can mix and match for the best results. Natively TV integration is hit or miss … It was non functional for the past few days. I am using harmony hub which works extremely well and is not limited to one device. Works well with ST and alexa. Others have connected G-home.

Good luck with your setup!

The issue with using Android on a TV is that it will eventually stop being updated by the manufacturer.

This is why a plug in unit is always the best. The Nvidia shield is probably the best one available. But, depending on what you want to do for your TV, just a Harmony hub is all that’s needed.

Android on a TV is fairly nice. I have a LeEco Super X55 that runs Android and it works great. I have Kodi installed locally instead of using a plug in unit (like Nvidia shield or Amazon Fire TV). The Kodi install works great from ST. I have it on my ActionTiles dashboard. It’s also been added to some webCoRE pistons (turn down lights when playing, turn them back up if paused, etc).

Technically I could install the ST app on the TV. Not sure what it would do really as using a remote is clunky and the small RF keyboard I have is not much better. I’m not sure if something like LANnouncer could run in the background on a TV, but if so, that could be a valuable use.