Google Home my first impressing with using

I see no way to do this… care to elaborate?

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Google support says the only groups for Google home are the audio groups that you can use to link Chromecast audio and google Home units. They said lights could only be put into rooms, and only one room for each light.

They suggested using nicknames if I wanted to create a group command for only some of the lights in one room.

Also: including a room name (like kitchen) in a device name or nickname (like kitchen sink) can apparently confuse google home. They recommend not using the room name as part of the device name.

Ha, wow thats exactly how I set up Alexa. Lights (plural) are my bulbs. Light are my switches. And surprisingly works most of the time. Occasionally I get I found several devices named…but not too often…

I have noticed the issue with the room names being part of the light or lamp name confusing things. Example, in my den I have overheadightd, called “den lights” as well as a lamp called “den lamp”. I cannot control den lights independently. Even if I don’t add the den lamp in GH to the room, I’d I say turn off den lights, it does both.

How do you make up names for your lights without using the room name, my wife will never use it. I can’t use the word kitchen for kitchen lights or den for den lights.

Trying to play around and figure out what to do.

I really wish I could just turn the room option off for certain rooms

I had to do lots of renaming. You can’t have the plural word lights on anything, it will help mess things up. So I went singular, instead of kitchen lights I changed to kitchen light. Next, make sure the name of your GH room is nowhere in the name of light, so I have den light and den lamp, in the room family room. I have 18 lights in different rooms, wasn’t easy to make this function.

Also, GH doesn’t care about the rooms alone, if you have two lights, assigned to different rooms, but they start with the same word like “front”, and one has a plural ending of a word like “lights”, it will find them all and turn them on.


I had a GH room Entryway, it had two lights Front Entrance Light and Front Hallway Light. I also had another room called Outside, it had a light in it called Front Porch Lights.

So if I said turn off front porch lights, it would turn off all 3 lights in two different rooms, it would turn off every light starting with the word front, no matter the room.

Fixed this by renaming front porch lights to front porch light.

I got them all working, hope this helps someone.


I have an echo and have a really hard time with running routines through smartthings. How is google home with running routines?

It cannot run them at all…:frowning:

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On a trip to the USA and picked up 3!

To bad the hotel wifi won’t work with home :frowning:

If the Problems you’re having are with the new routines beta of the official echo/smart pthings integration, you can instead use the older method of setting up a virtual switch that triggers a routine.

This has the advantage that it can trigger any routine, even one with locks or other devices that echo does not recognize, because from Echo’s point of view it’s just turning on a switch.

This same method can also be used with Google home. :sunglasses:

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Thanks i have been using ask alexa and sometimes it works and other times it does recognize what I am saying it says. I say Alexa, Ask Smartthings Goodnight and it works about 35% of the time. I try Alexa ask smartthing to run goodnight routine and that works maybe 10% of the time. So I usually just go to my app on the phone which is annoying.

Ok Google just impressed me.

Command: turn the breakfast light on, Google heard turn iphone flashlight on and started telling me about how to do that. I said hey google you heard me wrong. Immediately prompted me to repeat my question and after repeating myself it successfully turned my lights off.

Did the same test with Alexa. She first said she couldn’t find a device named…and ignored hearing me that she misunderstood what I was asking. I then had to wake her up again to repeat my command.

What’s the concensus on the audio quality? I saw one poster said it’s not as good as Sonos and he didn;t expect it t be, of course, but how is it compared to something like a Bose Soudlink or some other descent bluetooth enabled speaker?

Can it behave as if it was a ChromeCase Audio? So if I have two other CC Audios around, it ca essentially be a third?

Finally, how far away does it work? Must it be fairly close to hear you or can it work from the other side of the room or, better yet, the next room?


I feel the audio quality is very decent. I wouldn’t use it as your primary music playback system for entertainment purposes if you have other means, but definately for smaller rooms as in room speaker. as far as the mic goes, I feel it’s better than the Echo’s mic. I haven’t found myself having to repeat or get louder for GH to hear me.

I plan on getting 1 or 2 more GH for different bedrooms.

I already ordered in second one lol

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I have really been resisting buying another toy and getting into voice control… You guys are gonna cost me some money!


Go ahead…;Make our day and order another GH!

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Just Do It!

You don’t know what you are missing…

Bunch of enablers here.


Hey, hey that is copyrighted emblem. Have you paid royalties to @bamarayne and @smart I don’t think they would appreciate using that word loosely…