Google Chromcast Audio Integration needed

I have recently invested in a Google Home setup and the ecosystem of Chromecast. My question is hence fourth. Can someone help me create a Chromecast Audio integration into ST? As everyone knows that SONOS integration Sucks and VLC Thing is cool but not always reliable.


This would be an awesome addition. For the price of 1 Sonos Play 1 you could get 4 Chromecast Audio and small portable speakers to have a whole home audio system. If ST would send notifications to said system, you would be in business.


I’m surprised about the lack of discussion around this topic to be honest. Hopefully it will pick up when the Google Home actually comes out.

I really want the Google Home to be able to receive feedback from SmartThings for things like alerts and the like.

I want to be able to able to set up rules that Google Home can access. I would love to be able to say something like “OK Google, turn on nap mode” and have the lights go dim and have the speaker play some relaxing music (the Google Home itself or a Chromecast Audio connected speaker).

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I have a Google Home on preorder and just setup a SmartThings hub with some Hue bulbs/hub in preparation for it.

It’s clear that Home integrates with Chromecast (it’s actually designed by the Chromecast hardware team). The big question is, how robust will the support be for SmartThings.

SmartThings is definitely a launch partner and will work with Home obviously. But will we be able to do more than just trigger existing routines?

What would really be great is if SmartThings could use Chromecast as a trigger for routines:

  • “Ok Google, play {content} on my Living Room TV”
  • SmartThings triggers a particular Routine to dim lights and close blinds.
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Any update on Chromecast Audio integration with ST?

I would love to see Chromecast Audio support as well.

You’re not the only one. I would love to have both mine integrated into ST.

Same… Is there anyone we can speak to regarding this

If you’re willing & able to run a node.js server on your network you can use this:

Thanks alot. Not too familiar with nodejs but I will definitely give it a try.
Just doing more research

Anyone figure out how to get a Chromecast or Google home working for voice announcements without running a mess of extras to get it to work?

Not really. But maybe a push in the right direction… It might be messy