Google assistant and custom SmartApps/Device Handler

Hi there,

I have created a SmartApp and Device Handler to support A/C using the Sensibo device.

I would like to support “Google Assistant/Home” but it seem that nothing is sent to the AC.

The log said :
08:44:18: debug Outgoing: [requestId:4962355825629001697, payload:[commands:[[ids:[d878b07c-4fed-4ef8-b0f6-c1f852b3047b], status:PENDING]]]]
08:44:18: debug Set Pod Salon Sky thermostat mode to cool
08:44:18: debug handleExecute()
08:44:18: debug Outgoing: [requestId:4962355825629002683, payload:[devices:[d878b07c-4fed-4ef8-b0f6-c1f852b3047b:[online:true, on:false, thermostatTemperatureAmbient:23.4, thermostatHumidityAmbient:49.5, thermostatMode:off]]]]
08:44:18: debug queryDevice(d878b07c-4fed-4ef8-b0f6-c1f852b3047b)

What I need to do in my code to support this?