Google assistance to control Yale Smart Lock Via Smarthings Hub

I installed Yale Smart Lock YRD446 and add it to Samsung SmartThings. I can lock/unlock from SmartThings app. I also link my SmartThings with Google Mini. So far I have 3 lights, 1 light switch and Yale smart lock connected to SmartThing. Google Mini able to control all 4 lights but not Yale smart lock.
I went to Google assistance app - Home Control - and add device, I can see the Samsung SmartThings is linked, but it only shown 4 devices is connected to Samsung SmartThings instead of 5 devices that shown on SmartThings app.
I tried to setup IFTTT with Samsung SmartThings lock/unlock Applets I found in the IFTTT, but Yale smart lock is not shown on my device list.
Anyone know why or help me setup the Google Voice to control the Yale.

Currently Google Assistant does not support locks. A workaround, would be to create a virtual switch, and a automation that will lock/unlock the door when the virtual switch is flipped.


Thank you for your respond. I created a virtual Switch (VS) but I unable to link the smart lock to the VS. I tried to set the routine on ST to lock and unlock the door and then tried to link to Google Home, google home state that the unlock the door is restricted by google will not fully activated the routines

You can make one routine for locking the door and have that routine automatically perform when something turns on, which is your virtual switch. In this case, you would need two virtual switches and the type would be “momentary button tile” and you need one for lock and unlock.
Edit: two routines as well

Did you have success getting it to work.

Yes, I created a routine using ST, i don’t have to use Virtual Switch. I still hope I can figure it out using Google voice command to lock it unlock when I have visitors. Thank you for all your help.

I set up an IFTTT routine to lock the door via Assistant. Did not want to give my Assistant access to unlock my doors though.

If I wanted to give Google Assistant the ability to unlock my doors through voice, would anyone know how to do it?

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I guess this still isn’t possible. Too bad because it works great with Alexa devices, with the device asking for an unlock pin each time I ask it to unlock a door.

I did not like the unlock pin. I have accomplished what I want to do with a fake switch which the door opens and closes to.

Use a code phrase to unlock it via IFTTT so its not “Unlock My Door”.
I actually set “Unlock My Door” to have Google Home respond “Go Away or I’m calling the Police.”