Google and Nest reunite

Fulfilling a rumor that surfaced about three months ago, Nest will indeed “join forces” with Google’s hardware team, Google confirmed today.


If Google ever gets their acts together, they might be able to dominate the space. Nest has a very stable, high quality product line (Thermostats and Cameras). Google has some of the other parts that flesh out the platform (Router, Chromecast, Home). They also have the whole Revolv team and technology stack to have a hub at the center that glues it all together.
How hard/expensive would it be to scoop up a small smart lights company (LIFX?) and a smart lock company (August?)?
They could not only have a pretty expansive product suite, they could glue it all together. Integrating disparate services is one of their core competencies as a company.
Samsung and Amazon better keep up the pace.

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Maybe they’ll reduce the damn prices? I mean I know there is absolutely nothing to suggest or any reason for a merge like this to facilitate that but it would be nice…

Would be nice to get the Nest Protect back DOWN to $99 instead of the $119 they raised it too!

Hopefully Alphabet (Google’s parent company) doesn’t block Nest from Alexa like they did with youtube now that Google has it.

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I posted the following in a separate thread, it’s an article about the person who’s in charge of Google‘s hardware strategy now, including the merging of nest back in to that section. I thought people reading this thread might also find it interesting.

Yale already bought August, but your thinking is dead on. Google could dominate the space if they wanted to.