Good dimmer? (Canada)

As you’ve noticed, there are many different ones. There’s no one best because different people have different preferences and budgets.

You might start by looking at the device class feature FAQ so you can see what some of the different features are that different models might have. (The light switch discussion starts around post 40 in that thread. This is a clickable link.)

Most of the big brands, including Leviton, GE, evolve, GoControl, Inovelli, Zooz, and Homeseer are also available in Canada. has a good selection, or you can try

Personally, I use Lutron switches, which are neither Z wave nor WiFi (they have their own proprietary protocol). Very well engineered devices, but not cheap. There is an official integration with SmartThings, but you do have to buy the additional Lutron SmartBridge device to make it work.éta-devices

So again, different things work for different people.

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