Going back

Well that’s me played with the Hub for about 8 hours now and I’m about to stick it back in the box and take it back.

  • No Github integration in the UK
  • Sorely lacking documentation on commands, ie. StoreImage
  • IDE stops displaying logs
  • Belkin WeMo switch randomly just shows as not there available, even though it’s plugged in and connected.
  • No Honeywell EvoHome support.
  • No access to EvoHome Beta and no timeframe for when it will be available.
  • No ability to connect to generic IP cameras. Even built code for this myself and it just times out and then maybe one time in twenty runs and then complains the image is too large. But it’s not documented anywhere what image size you can use.
  • When I login initially to IDE it takes me to the UIS site, I have to hit Locations for it to detect I am in the UK. If I don’t do this, I can create lots of things which then don’t work.

and that’s all I’ve found to begin with.It just seems pretty flakey and not that well documented / supported.


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It does have drawbacks and does need some work. But what else is out there with the same level of flexibility? Would definitely consider it if it is viable.

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Agreed, there is very little out there with IP, ZWave and ZigBee on an open platform. This was why I bought it initially.

However, the fact that it is crippled in the UK and that basic stuff is so flakey is ridiculous. I don’t mind writting my own device handlers, or modifying other people code to connect to stuff. But the fact that it errors all over the place, calls are not fully documented, it works sometimes then timesout others, means it’s nigh on impossible to work out what is going wrong with it.

Only thing that I know that works properly is Control4.

8 hours???.. I have been at it for almost two years now and still havent had enough. Mind you it does wear you down a bit:

Before ST:

One Year After:


Life with SmartThings:

It’s a challenge; it’s a pain; I hate it; I am stuck; I love it, is working; Is broke; WTF; HUH, is back!; My system is gone!; Help; Now is fine; Deleted everything, starting over; Maybe I shouldn’t’ve, now is worse;. I hate this! I love it, is fast…

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Hey @Roy_Donaldson

Just a few things to clear up some confusion.

This is a dead API and is no longer supported, hence the lack of documentation. There are some people that still use it and it works well for them, se we didn’t just turn it off.

Coming soon. As you mentioned, there is a beta going on right now.

We’re working towards a fix for this as we speak.

Which URL are you using. You may be using one specifically for the US environment. Are you using ide.smartthings.com?

I’m trying to get this to work:


I get these errors:

347e9572-fb9a-41c3-8d41-d0986347707b 18:21:18: error java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution timed out after 40 units. Start time: Mon Apr 11 17:17:43 UTC 2016 @ line 49
347e9572-fb9a-41c3-8d41-d0986347707b 18:17:43: info http://USER:MYPASSWD@rdonalds.dynalias.com:1024/img/mjpeg.cgi
347e9572-fb9a-41c3-8d41-d0986347707b 18:17:43: info TestCam taking photo

It would be good to get a timeframe for when EvoHome will be available ? (this week, this month, next 2 months) Not looking for an exact, just a rough idea of when I can see it ?

I use either developer.smartthings.com or ide.smartthings.com. Both take me to the US site initially, I can use GitHub integration etc. Then I click on Locations, it then asks me to re-login and puts me on the EU site.

What is the replacement for StoreImage then ?

it would be good if it was still listed, but documented as deprecated and the replacement referred to.

Thanks, Roy.

If you have a V2 UK Hub you should be using this url:-

Here are some other useful addresses that I have saved for reference.
US is for the US hubs and UK for the UK hubs.


Local Devices:
US: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localDevice/
UK: https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/localDevice/

Local SmartApps:
US: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localInstalledSmartApp/
UK: https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/localInstalledSmartApp/

Not sure if this helps you or not.

The lack of Github integration for the UK is a pain in the xxxx I must admit.

@slagle I have that very same issue and had GitHub integration set up until I realised I was doing that in some US alternate universe prior to clicking on locations and being asked to login again - what’s the correct URL? I’ve tried accessing via ide.smartthings.com and developer.smarthtings.com

It’s the most frustrating interface I’ve ever come across. It’s geek-ware that’s been marketed as a consumer product. I think the fact that in the UK Samsung partnered with the place you’d go to buy your washing machine rather than the place that you’d go to buy your geek gear was tactical genius… I’d I’d bought it in Maplins, ID expect it to be as crappy and unstable as it initially was (and jeez… You think you have it bad now!!!). I feel Samsung did a Microsoft, and sold the product knowing it wasn’t ready for launch in order to get a mass beta test market.

Six months in, I’m at the stage where I tolerate it. In reality, everything it does could be done with a £99 alarm system and the Hue lighting system, but it is what it is. I do intend to grow the system, but after Google closing off the Nest home automation hub, I have a real concern that ST isn’t doing as well as they wanted it to do, and a year down the line we’re going to be subjected to the same fate… I also have a concern with how much of the “brain work” is done in a rack cabinet in Ireland/Germany/silicon valley… Basically makes the home security element a farce.

Lately. I’m also concerned by the battery life on the presence sensors being worse than it initially was… I seem to be continually changing batteries on one of them.

The only solace for me is that Z wave and ZigBee are open standards, so as time goes on, I fully expect a “better” brain (possibly raspberry Pi based) to come on the market, and I’m hoping the rest of the devices simply slot in… This allows me to keep investing in growing my system.

If StoreImage is a dead API, why do the 5 camera related device handlers written by SmartThings still use it?

Right now it kind of is, at least it’s not on any immediate road map to be enhanced. I am trying to figure out whether there are plans in the future to make it better or not.

The storeImage API isn’t used by any camera we support at the moment.

If you look at the Device Handler Templates:
Dropcam, Foscam, and Yoics Camera are all using storeImage. I think the other dropcam is using storeimageins3

These are old and also not supported right now.

If they’re not supported, why are they in the Device Handler template list?

Why aren’t there any other image related Device Handlers that show the replacement method for handling storing images?

Can you point out a Device Handler or SmartApp that uses the new method of working with images?

There isn’t one at the moment.

So how are all the SmartThing “supported” cameras handling images?

We don’t do images, live feed only at the moment for supported cameras.