GoControl Smart Wall Switch ( LINEAR LINWS15Z2): how do I set up a schedule for it?

I have outside eave lighting on a Leviton manually programmed wall switch…the kind where you lift the switch cover to reveal small buttons you can use to manually program schedules for the light.
The problem with it is it does NOT retain the date/time after a power outage! Very frustrating.
I have a Smartthings Hub.
I bought a Z-Wave switch to replace the Leviton.
It is a GoControl Smart Wall Switch (a.k.a. LINEAR LINWS15Z2).
[Amazon.ca link]

I haven’t done much with Smartthings yet…so can anyone tell me:
After pairing the new switch, exactly how would I configure the switch to be controlled on a specific schedule?
Can I then also manually turn the light on off and then have the schedule take over automatically on the next programmed transition time?


V Which version of the SmartThings mobile app are you using, “smartthings classic“ or “smartthings (Samsung connect)“?

It should be quite easy to do what you want, but the rules engines are a little different in the two apps. :sunglasses:

In either case, manually using the switch on the wall will not change the stored schedule, so the schedule will kick in at the next appointed time.

The app is simply called SmartThings … how do I tell the difference?
The version varies depending on whether it is read from the SmartThings app or the settings app, either:
Version 2.16.1 (1437) (SmartThings app)
Version 2.16.1 (1435) (settings app)

The logos are different:

OK then: I have Classic version Version 2.16.1 (1435 or 1437).

Then with classic, it’s easy. Just use the official smart lighting feature. :sunglasses:

The following page has the instructions for both apps, so make sure you click the tab in the middle of the page that matches the version of the app that you have. (The official knowledgebase calls the new “smartthings (Samsung connect)“ version of the app just “the SmartThings app.“ And it calls classic “classic.“)

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I wanted to add that I FINALLY got around to installing my smart wall switch and followed your instructions per that link: it worked like a charm and now timing is relative to sunrise, sunset, which is great!
And when I have a power interruption, I don’t have to reprogram anything!